Keep Fighting

What’s up yall? I wanted to share a lil something. I want to say that I’m proud that my church suffered vandalism. Yes, I said “proud”.

This past Thursday, my church had its HVAC (air conditioning) system vandalized. The vandals got to the roof somehow and took the copper coils out of the main system. In case you didn’t know, copper is another natural metal that can be sold for pretty good money. It is unfortunate that this had to happen. But it did, and it’s ok.

My church here in da big city of Gastonia NC, Family Christian Center, is located in an area that’s not really known as a “nice” side of town. (Off of Linwood) We have only been in this new location for a few months. The location was planned strategically to help the area out in spiritual and morale enlightenment. There were hopes to help clean up the area and make it a much better place to live. We purchased a strip mall area and began renovation to transform the facility into a place of worship.

The individuals that took the coils may have had a need or habit to be met. I don’t know. I can only speculate. But I feel for those individuals that felt they needed to steal in order to help themselves. My church and I prayed for those people today and I hope that you all do to.

When thinking more about this situation it was shown to me that when you’re doing good, bad things or obstacles will try to find you. My church is doing a great job of reaching out to the community and helping those in need. Prosperity is definitely on our horizon. But wouldn’t you know it, as soon as you got some good going for ya, there’s gonna be a hater somewhere. It is written that those that are truly in tune with God and His plan, the enemy spirit strikes even harder.

Have you ever felt like that no matter what you do, you seem to end up two steps back instead of one step forward? I have. I have a lot more than I’d like to admit. But my pastor today pointed out and ensured that those obstacles and challenges mean you’re on your way to prosperity and blessings within His path. With that said, I personally will try to look at my daily battles and demons each day and fight harder to continue on. I guess must be doing something right, somewhere, considering the things that I face. My church must be doing something right, considering the A/C is now down and out in the middle of JUNE. The enemy sees our path even more clearer that we do apparently. He can see where we’re going and doesn’t want us to go there.

So I say to you all that take the time to read this, KEEP FIGHTING. It’s hard. Yep, it surely is, but KEEP FIGHTING. Your blessings have been promised and you will receive them. We all just have to learn to keep fighting and be P-A-T-I-E-N-T. (Something else I struggle with)

Yall be cool. Thank you for reading this. Please share. I’m gonna head back to lye down and try to kill this cold. But I had to get this off of my chest and share.




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