Da other night after church i noticed kids running around da parking lot. I had a thought at that time. “Wow they look happy.” As I went home, i thought a lil’ more about those kids runnin’, mine included. . . .

Can you remember being a kid, not having a care in da world, and just running to EVERYWHERE you went? I look at my lil hard headz and watch them throughout any given they. If they need to go get a glass of water, they run. If they need to go to put up their clothes, they run. If they’re outside and just want to grab a ball, they run. They hardly ever walk to do anything. I wasn’t quite like that as a kid, but to a certain degree I was.

I can remember my grandfather taking my cousin and I to da B-HP high school football games when I was young. We would watch for a lil’ bit, but then my cousin and I would just take off. We would RUN in front of da stands. We would RUN around da perimeter. Even run under da bleachers. Why? I have NO clue. It wasn’t like a race or anything (because i always out ran him). But I can remember doing that and always felt like I had a ton of fun doing it.

Have you ever watched dogs in da countryside? You have those “old” dogs that just sorta sit around a shade tree. Then you have those younger pups that just run after each other. Is there a similarity? Why do they do that? Why did WE do that?

People run today for their health and fitness in most cases, but you’ll also hear from most runners “I run to ease my mind from stress” or “to get away from troubles of da day.” Sure, others run “to get away from da cops”. 🙂
Is that what we were doing as kids? Running to just “get away from stress”? I hope not. I am assuming not.

What are you thoughts? Where are you now with running? Do you run just because you’re so dadgum happy like kids do? Do you run for health? Or is it a stress relief? Feel free to comment and/or share this post.

Thanks for checkin out my post. I am not able to run just yet, but if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to check up on da Tigers at da GA Tech track meet this weekend somehow.

Peace unto all of u.



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