Underrated Movie

I have watched a lessor-known movie called “The Slammin’ Salmon” probably 6 times. It is not da best of movies, but i swear Michael Clarke Duncan cracks me up! Check out da clip. Hope yall have a good weekend. Happy Mother’s Day to da Momz of da world. Thanks for reading my blog, yall.

PS: Follow Friday for twitter.

@toesinthesand22, who must share my type of humor
@cukawen, who da lady with magical “pooping baby tales”
@MsGlamSquad, my lil’ sister
@Jayjayin10, my bro’ who’s a big time sports fan and competitor
@kerbehr, da social media guru and sad CLE Indians fan
@aimclemson, da great source for Clemson sports info/updates
@Sapp94, current Philly Eagle and former Clemson Tiger, Ricky Sapp
@HealthOC, health conscious lady with regards to diet and healthy lifestyle.


One thought on “Underrated Movie

  1. “sad CLE Indians fan” indeed!!! Hoping for a “Major League” kind of ending to the season!! Thank you so much for the Follow Friday rec, bud. Peace, bro.

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