Pretty Neat Site To View Images

Sittin here trying to have a lil geek time. I remembered hearing about a site called “Tag Galaxy” on a episode of Tekzilla. This site allows you to search da popular image website, Flickr, for images. But it has a neat twist. It allows you to enter in a “tag” to search and it generates a graphical galaxy based on your tag entered. For example, one can enter in da tag, “BBQ”. What you’ll get is a galaxy related to the tag. BBQ will be da center of your galaxy, but you’ll also see other planets and moons associated with it such as “ribs” and “pork”.

So now you have your galaxy, click on a planet. Da page will zoom in for a closer view. If there are any moons in orbit of your planet you, you’ll see them. If not, it will give you a conglomerate of images to “twirl” through with swipes and clicks of your mouse.

Is this a useful/productive site? Maybe not. But this site can be rather entertaining and interesting depending on da tag you search. Try it out. You’ll be amazed at the ease of use in da interface as well as how all da data is tied together based on your tag. (I know 30 minutes of my time went into browsing all da pics based on da tag “clemson”.)

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Tag Galaxy here


2 thoughts on “Pretty Neat Site To View Images

  1. This is very cool, and will definitely come in handy for both work & personal. Thanks for “geeking out” and sharing the info. 😉

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