Will someone tell da sprint CEO. . ..

(I truly hope this post gets to Sprint and Dan Hesse)

Will someone please tell the Sprint CEO that his retail stores and technicians are really getting on my nerves. Some of you may not know this, but I’m an I.T. support guy. I spend my day dealing with pc’s and cell phones. From time to time, I have to assist users with their cell phones in order to get mobile email. No biggie, right? Wrong!

Every time I have a “difficult” phone to deal with, it’s provisioned by Sprint. I don’t care if it’s a Wimo (Windows Mobile), Blackberry, or other smartphone. It’s always something wrong with how the account is set up at Sprint. And it’s not just one location. It’s not just one region. I deal with user’s nationwide.

My first poor experience was in Dallas, TX. The user was unable to set up mobile mail on her Windows phone. This was because it had no internet connection on it. Of course, she went to Sprint to fix it. They fixed da network connection. Good for them. But they (Sprint rep) made da mistake and called ME to ask how to set up email on da phone. I say “mistake” because they insisted my company used a (less secured) POP3/SMTP set up. I kept telling this rep, “NO”. And had to explain to him AND his co-worker how to set up da mail account using Push technology. They had NO idea what I was talkin’ about. I know this, because one of da reps said it in da background.

Today i get a user up north in da New Jersey area. This time it’s a Blackberry. Easy to set them up. I have a blackberry. You just make sure da account is properly provisioned by da mobile carrier. Guess what, it WASN’T properly provisioned. When I sent da user to da Sprint retail store, i told him what he needed to tell da reps to fix his problem. I also told him to call me back when it was done. He calls me back to tell me that he “thinks” they have it fixed for him, but wasn’t sure. When i asked what they (da Sprint techs) did, he told me they had to “look online” to figure out how to properly provision da phone and advise on how to set up Enterprise email.

What???!!! Look it up????

Safe to say, he is squared away now, but I truly have lost more confidence in Sprint. I was formerly a sprint customer for many years. I left because they didn’t get as many good devices and I felt like they screwed me on a deal for a contract renewal. I always had issues with customer service. Granted, their network was GREAT. I couldn’t complain about that. But their customer service was always a run around. I even had a bad bill for about 3 months at one point. Which didn’t get resolved until i emailed Dan Hesse. Which I don’t know if it got to HIM, but i made sure to mention in the email that I doubt HE was reading da message anyway. But anyway. . . .

I had to rant. Those folks really grind my gears. I hope the CEO, Dan Hesse, is able to see this lil “two cents” post from me. Or his “lackey’s” will let him know.

Yall have a good eve.




2 thoughts on “Will someone tell da sprint CEO. . ..

  1. You might get a little more respect if you use “the” instead of “da” 900 times… It doesn’t help. Yes Sprint needs help in these technical areas but your not helping buy talking or typing like that either… if Sprint PR or Dan Hesse see this post they will dismiss it simply because of the grammar thats not professional I don’t care what business your in

    • you do make a great point regarding my grammatical use, bro’. After dealing with “the” good folks at Sprint I realized they will not do much better by me considering “the” formal contact I had with them. I was given “the” usual apology, but yet I still unfortunately deal with untrained people in their stores when support is needed. I assume “the” economy affects some of “the” hiring and pay scale, but if someone is selling “the” phones, they should at least know how to turn it on or handle basic navigation. Just my opinion on product pushing.

      And those that subscribe to my mindless blog have all been for warned that my blog is VERY informal and allows freedom of speech. Even if it does tear down proper use of “the” English language. (see here .

      Thanks for reading AND commenting!

      -RAP, II

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