With da weekend full of different news for my beloved Clemson Tigers’ spring game, and other bull**** i got goin’ on, i realized more and more how much i miss football as well as how much i need it.

I LOVE this game. Nah mean? I miss playing, i miss going to games, i miss watching it on tv “live”. I was going thru my RSS and noticed a post from EDSBS. THIS is a blog i truly enjoy during da season. EDSBS = Every Day Should Be Saturday. (What a GREAT name for a college football blog.)

Their post mentioned their top 10 matchups they would love to see more often for their own colorful reasons. Examples:

Battle Unnatural Shades Of Orange, Davy Crockett And Stadiums That Go Quiet In A Big Damn Hurry: Tennessee vs Texas

Battle Ivy League Wait lists: Vanderbilt – Duke

Battle The Destruction Of All Mankind Through Alcohol Poisoning, Sun Poisoning, And/Or Deadly Local Critter Attack: LSU – Arizona State

Now that last one was pretty funny to me. 🙂

For those of you that care about football, what are some of da games you’d like to see on a regular?

I would like to see:

Clemson vs UGA. An old traditional game that should never have died down
Alabama vs Ohio State. Two teams that love to smack u in da mouth with their power styles.
Any PAC-10 team vs Any SEC East team. Just for comparison state.

Thanks for reading my lil post. Feel free to join my free daily trivia challenge as well.


***Reference EDBS can be found here***


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