A message to “bloggers” lol!

Here it is on a Friday night, and I’m watching a podcast. (Diggnation) Brief descrip about da show. It’s basically two guys sittin’ on a couch, sippin’ a beer or 2, and discussing da top stories from da website digg.com. A lot of tech stuff, but sometimes they get some pretty off da wall stuff. In short, i like their show.

In this episode (#249) they brought up a story from Austin, TX. Apparently, outside a fully packed bar during a tech conference week, someone posted a sign. The conference was “South by Southwest”. See below.

Now I read this and laughed my ass off. I can just see some bar owner tellin’ a blogger, “i don’t care what your blog is!” I can see some blogger thinkin’ his sh** don’t stink and tellin’ bar owners that google shows they get thousands of hits per day.

As a quasi-blogger myself, I have respect for google analytics and totally get its purpose. But most people in society JUST DONT GIVE A RIP. Then there’s da notion that da bar owner “doesn’t respect” bloggers. Why is that? Do they not think it’s a real profession? Or real journalism?

Check out what da guys in Diggnation thought. Feel free to leave your comments.

Thanks for checkin out my. . . blog.



**See da short clip from Diggnation here**


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