Silent But Violent

Well da old saying is “silent but violent”, but I found that “loud moves a crowd”. Let one rip and see what happens. People evacuate as if there’s a twister coming down da block.

Welcome to yet another mindless post.

Have you ever been in your car on a commute and farted? Rhetorical question. ALL of you have done that. (Don’t try to lie and say you haven’t) Now, have you “let one go” so bad that it damn near ran you outta your own vehicle?


Now let’s throw other innocent by-standers in da mix. Have you ever “held back” because you had someone in da vehicle with you?


I keep matches in my vehicle. Not because I smoke, but because I find they’re much better as an air freshener than any spray or “lil’ tree” you can buy. Whenever someone at da office insists that I go to lunch with them and I DRIVE, I warn them with “my car smells like fart, because it IS fart.” I don’t want them to get in there and get to thinking to themselves “what is that smell??!!”, so i break da ice and clear up da confusion.

One more thing of note. I take naps most of da time at lunch. Here’s some food for thought, don’t fart under your covers. Trapping it only makes it angry.

Have a good weekend, yall. Feel free to join my Daily Trivia Challenge as well, found under my blog roll on da upper right. Trivia is not as flatulent.


“Matches are da best air fresheners”


6 thoughts on “Silent But Violent

  1. You know that I have been waiting for you to write about this. And finally you did!
    Btw- I’ve never done any of that myself- lol…

  2. You know what they call it when you trap your significant other under the covers after you’ve let one rip, right?

    Dutch oven.

    (Sad to admit that my SO has done that before. I could’ve stabbed him.)

  3. LOL. I love that you referred back to this out after I called my dog out for his “silent but deadly” toots. They are frickin’ WICKED!! Rawhide is both the friend (occupying them)and the enemy (SBD toots) – take note, friends!

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