lil bit of Easter

Been a long time since I made da short 2 hour drive back to my hometown(s) of Anderson and Honea Path, SC. Dadgum $2.75/gallon on petro tends to slow a brotha down.

I have to say I enjoyed da drive down. It normally aint a biggie either way, but this time seemed to bring things to my attention that I overlook in most cases.

I like living in a suburban area, but I miss seeing “small town” things. Things like a local “biscuit barn”. Or a 200sq ft building with a hand-painted sign that says “Jake’s Tackle. We have live bait”. Or da tons of Clemson stickers and tags and tiger paws.

Then you also learn that if da speed limit is 45mph, you better be going 40mph or no more than 42mph. 🙂 Or that bugs don’t care about u swatting them, they’re RELENTLESS and want to bite. You must KILL ’em. (lol!)

It’s nice and a blessing to be able to see my grandparents and momz. It’s nice that my boyz can just run and play and get into da egg hunt stuff. Pretty good stuff when u look at it.

Not totally peaceful, but more peaceful than other days so I will take it. Could be screamin at idiots. 🙂


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