Mirror, mirror on da wall. . .Damn i look good!

Hey yall. I just have a PSA. First let me say I hope you all have “peace” today. Now check this out. There’s someone i’m pretty tight with that I used to think had some slight self esteem problems. I think over time it has gotten much better (IMO). But I want to share something with u readers.

I hope that each of you EVERY SINGLE DAY you wake up and look at yourself in da mirror and totally DIG da skin that you’re in. Nah mean? Look at yourself and KNOW that YOU got it goin’ on. Yeah you may have a gray hair or 100. Yeah you may have a zit on your cheek. But you know what, you STILL got it goin’ on!

Personally, I look at myself each morning and say “damn i still look good” or something to that effect. It’s my own ego boost. And no, i’m not trying to be cocky. I feel that we as people should boost our egos to help with descent daily outlook. Don’t depend on others to do it, YOU do it. Maybe this can help cut down on the depression rates we see day to day. I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks for reading this post and feel free to comment.


(Yep. I’m a good lookin’ cat. Lol!)


3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on da wall. . .Damn i look good!

  1. Hey, “good lookin’ cat”,
    I think it’s cool you do that every morning. I have to admit that I don’t. Some days though, I feel really good about the way my hair behaves or the color of my eyes (they’re chameleons), etc. Always a good feeling to get a boost! Great advice for everyone. 😀

  2. Someone I’M pretty tight with pointed out a few of these things to me, so i can relate. Honestly, never gave much thought to these types of self affirmations but I SWEAR it helps- I may not ALWAYS believe it every time, but I feel better just for giving myself a little boost.
    And of course i have to “remember” to do it which is sometimes a problem- lol. At the very least, I get a good start to my day and nothing wrong with thinking that you “got it going on”:)
    And thanks to my “friend” because he def has it going on IMO:)

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