Your kids are some hellians!

If you read my blog, then i am pretty sure you frequent good ol’ Walmart. Have u ever been in Walmart, or any store, and noticed some kids just running am-muck? I mean just being holy terrors. Knockin’ down stuff, runnin’, yellin’, just all out mayhem!

What are you reactions to those types of kids? Better yet, what are your reactions to those kids’ PARENTS?

Personally, if a kid is a bad-ass, I don’t care unless it directly affects me. He/she happens to run into me or one of my boys, that’s a problem. But I wouldn’t attack da kid, it would be da parent(s) i approach. I’ve seen that a large percent of da parents just don’t give a rip. Drives me nuts. My boys know that I don’t play that. Da only time they may show their ass is when they are at home. Hardly ever do that stuff in public, thankfully.

I think every store should have a guy like this in ’em to scare those kids straight. 🙂

Yall have a good weekend. Peace out. And feel free to join my daily trivia challenge and enjoy other links within my blog.



2 thoughts on “Your kids are some hellians!

  1. I’m 100% with you on this one! I blame, and approach the parents if there is a real issue…and I can only remember that happening one time. That said, there are an awful lot of times I just stand there SMH.

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