It’s a big day for a brotha

Today is  a big day for me.  I have officially given up on “bracketology” for da NCAA basketball tourney.  And I have officially been employed with SOI for NINE YEARS.  I have to bring this up because this country is battling economic woes.  And a brotha feels truly blessed.  Don’t get me wrong, my employer has had to battle da economic woes in one way or form just as da rest of da nation.  Fortunately we’re still here. I started out GREEN not having any “corporate America” experience.  And now i can say, I STILL dont have any corp America experience.  (j/k)

Anyway, just had to get that out that i’m thankful.   Yall have a good weekend.  Check out this Scam School vid.  Pretty neat trick to gag someone.

Scam School Leverage Trick


One thought on “It’s a big day for a brotha

  1. I love that you blogged about being blessed in life. I’m with you on that, for sure!

    Sadly, I’m also right there with you on giving up on bracketology. 2010 is already a miserable failure for me! 😦

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