Let’s give this thing a try

What’s up, yall?

My pc, AKA “frankenstein”, has been giving me issues.  For whatever reason, i’m unable to do my own web hosting.  I’ve tried a lot of different things (that yall really dont care about) and not 1 have worked.

Anyway, I hope to continue to provide you all ~2mins of “away from reality” time with each post.  Just enough to get you away from da work day or day-to-day life.

As before, my site is a freedom of speech, no holds barred, non-spell checking, non grammar checking site.  If i have something to say, I will say it.  If you have something to say, feel free to say it in the comments.  It may not be posted  in da most “formal” format, but I will at least make sure da point is getting across.

As I get more accustomed to this interface, I’ll add back my old features and widgets such as photo gallery, featured musical artist, etc.  The daily trivia link has already been embedded .

In order to get my posts automatically, please click the “subscribe to my site” button on the right.  Enter the email address you want to be notified thru, and your good.  Note, that spam filters may have to be adjusted in corporate environments.

Thanks for takin’ da time to check this site out.

Enjoy da start of “March Madness” and da rest of your day.



***follow me on twitter as well. “@antpruitt” ***


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